How will I be billed for my leads?

There are no contracts, sign up fees, monthly minimums, minimum number of leads or any other obligation in using the LeadWerx system. LeadWerx provides a flexible, pay as you go system that is well suited for any marketing budget. Using a credit card, check or money order, agents make a $100 initial deposit to open an account. From there you select what type of leads you want to receive. As the leads are delivered to you, the price of the lead is deducted from your account balance. Once you reach $25, your account will be recharged with another $100 using the credit card on file. You can at any time, have your unused account balance credited back to your credit card or refunded to you. You have complete control over the maximum number of leads you receive each day and can pause the lead flow at any time using your online LeadWerx dashboard.