Lead Return & Warranty Policy

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. As part of that unwavering commitment, we strive to provide the most accommodating lead return policy in the industry.

LeadWerx offers an easy, no hassle lead return process.

To request a replacement lead, simply go to your LeadWerx "My Account" page and click on the Request Replacement" link within 7 days of receiving a bad lead. From there, just let us know what was wrong with the lead. We'll verify the lead is bad and issue a credit as soon as possible.

Replacement Leads are issued for any of the following reasons:

  • The telephone numbers supplied with the lead are not valid telephone numbers. Meaning, all telephone numbers provided are wrong numbers, disconnected telephone numbers, no longer in service or a fax number.
  • The lead name does not match the phone number provided.
  • The lead was sent to you as the result of an error caused by the LeadWerx system.
  • The information contained in the lead sent to you doesn't match or meet the filter requirements you selected.
  • You were previously provided the same lead, for the same line of insurance, through LeadWerx
  • The lead was actually another agent who was trying out a lead generation website.
  • Something not on this list that you feel should be, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

We will NOT issue replacement leads or credit for any of the following reasons:

  • Lead buyer forgot to select a filter he or she wanted.
  • The lead is really difficult to reach or didn't return your call after you left a voicemail.
  • The lead was rejected during insurance company underwriting.
  • The lead didn't buy an insurance policy
  • The lead buyer purchased the same lead from another source.
  • The lead had something that could have been blocked with a filter which you have not opted for.
  • The lead is discovered to have a medical condition they did not self report on the online lead capture form that is pertinent to their specific underwriting class or insurability.
  • Another agent buying the same shared lead contacted the consumer first and made the sale.
  • Another agent buying the same shared lead contacted the consumer first and established enough rapport that the consumer doesn't want to receive any additional information.
  • The lead was delivered into an agent's junk mail folder and he/she didn't see it until later (please ask about text message notification and CRM integration to eliminate this risk)

Your replacement request will not be accepted if it does not meet our Lead Return Policy. If you have any questions about the Lead Return Policy, please contact customer service.